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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Greyson Chance live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

17th November 2011 is my history’s! Greyson chance live in kota kinabalu sabah! Da showcase located at gourmet lane one borneo. so many ppl there as im expected. Me and my friend, Vina went there about 5.30pm. We got the posters of him, and claimed free ticket. Thanks hitz fm crew! We stayed there kindly about hours. Everybody confused bout the ticket whether it is VIP or not and get stuck in the crowded .  

greyson was 4days at sabah
sweaty us

Omaii it’s such a disaster when the gates were open to let everbody in. Angry unsatisfied feelings came out revealed the harsh word. “BACK OFF”, “BITCHH”, “DON’T PUSH”, “STOP PUSHING MEE” . Well since the western coming everybody start using English lol Im one of them. Security guards, RELA  and the crews became more aggressive handling the situation. Vina and I were holding hands so dat we were not separate on thousands of ppl. Thank god we’re lucky as da early enthusiasts who entered the normal zone (which is standing). Wuarghhh so many hours left too see him! We stood there bout 6pm u noe damnn. The crews warming us by showing the current videos of nowadays pop star. I just love Demi's turn ; Skyscraper <3 I had a conversation between the girls next to me. The funny thing when we’re surrounded by ppl kindly describe them as a child. They were 12, 15 n I think many of them were below 20. Lol 

the stage
the VIP seat
yellow me. waiting outside the line yeah exactly at the front ;)
everyone is ready 4 da show
Ok guysss diz is da time , 1 2 3 .. ! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa everyone's screammmm !! It's GREYSON CHANCE!! Haha cute lil boy (urghh he's only 14 but very tall) he's cuteeee , adorable and handsome u noe ~ Im glad to see him live. He performed few songs from his album 'Hold on til the night'. Amazing voice no one doubt it. I was there recording him. Well everyone did. We dun care bout the requirements' showcase. Everyone there was captivated by him. I like the part when he said "I dont love DURIAN" and "apa khabar MALAYSIA" haha. But he do love MALAYSIA and so do we love u GREYSON CHANCE! We are Enchancers <3

the lucky draw session
ENVY the host
zoom out
last wishes from him
officially offstage
Only the lucky fans who's got his album may see him face to face. Sadly, we weren't, but truly satisfied and grateful can see him live ;) 

After the show
GREYSON CHANCE please come back here 1 day ! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye Trio UMS student !

13 Nov 2011 yesterday. Majlis perpisahan kakak UMS part timer Kenny Rogers. Semua telah dirancang rapi oleh staff lama KR. Haha so gempak!

kakak UMS memberi Dunkin Donuts sebagai hadiah perpisahan
Dan ini..merupakan part paling gempak! haha rasanya seperti di thailand pada masa itu (well istilah blum pun pernah p thailand) haha very the songklan festival at KR XD

siram merekaaaa. 2org betapuk dlm stor ; kak sue and kak baitul. kak mun paling kena time nih haha XD
kak Baitul 2nd! haha habis lencun yer kak XD
happening moment ! XD
sesi siram menyiram telah tamat
kak mun yg alim tiba2 mengeluarkan 'SIAL' haha very da funny la dat time XD
sesi bertukar facebook
Boy, Kak Baitul, Kak Sue, me, Kak Mun and Sir Herman

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greyson Chance ticket for FREE

12 November 2011 was an exciting day for me! Ive got Greyson Chance ticket for free! Omaii I cant breath! Cant believe i may see him in person! Damnnn no words can describe my feelings now. Gotta meet talanted international artist on 17th Nov. Yeayy lucky me ! >.<

Thanks to liang moi Bausch K manager 1 Borneo for diz!
Messy me after work. Haha but really satisfied XD

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunch menu :)

Mom's cooking is da best cooking in the world! Yeah everyone will agreed ;)

My simple menu today for lunch :
1) Daging masak kicap
2) Kerabu Sayur

makan sambil online di bilik. hebat la ko qina kalah raja2. bilikku syurgaku
My mom prepare this b4 she off to work. thx mom! 
I surely dun wanna eat at work. Fullblast sdh. Cnfirm la take away ni mlm. Mom i'll borrow ur tupperware ok! (lol dia akan marah kalau tupperware dia kena pinjam takut ilang dia blang haha). I promise takkan ilang pnya :)

My timework today is 5PM-10PM. Kbye =..=

Here we are

Me today

Today, as usually i went to 1b. But not 4 work because today is my offday. Tujuan : interview keja at adidas and wanna see some magic from  magician boy. Unfortunately 2-2 tujuan ini gagal dilaksanakan. Sigh~ Here's the strories..

1) At 2.40PM i arrived at 1b. Dan terus berjumpa dgn sahabat baik sy, Felicia Francis. Ngam2 masa rest dia so we went there at Adidas Boutique met my buddy from FOS, Habil. But sadly he said the manager having meeting right at the moment. So, ive gotta meet her tomorrow. The magician boy also gone for nowhere. *sigh

Boring2 sempat lg snap pic. 3 of us. Habil, me and Fely
2) After that, we've coincidently met Asmirah Basirian a.k.a Mira at 1st floor between Dome and Secret Recipe. Jejak Kasih selama 4minit di antara mereka. FYI, Mira was Pra-U student and at the same class with Fely.

Jejak Kasih
3) I went to my workplace ; Kenny Rogers lepaking there, kacau si kembar makan, having conversation with Raman, Raffi and Sir Herman. Tujuan utama wanna change my jadual time 4 tomorrow. So I've met manager yg senang digoda, Sir Azman and Sir Masarie. And they agreed to change my work time from 6PM to 5PM (in very pervert way) Yayy tepaksa goda demi tukar jadual =..= And berjaya hoho! But request terakhir sy that. Actually they cannot change the jadual suka hati mereka walaupun mereka merupakan manager. Hee sorry la i just dun wanna work at closing time. Such a penat!

Credit to Raffi
4) And finally I go back Fely's workplace at Bausch J. Her rest 4 da 2nd time. We've met our buddy at Poney, Sabrie Yusof. And go jalan-jalan menghabiskan waktu rehat mereka. Here we are~

ngam2 terjumpa si kembar 2 org ini.
di sini lah tempat sy selalu melepak.

mentang2 sdh gaji. kasi jeles sy ja kmu 2 ni try2 bju
Im da taller one XD
Best buddiez. Made in Pra-U SMKT
Trio <3

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pictures taken at the right moment (FUNNY)

Ma Boy ~

Im one of K-pop fans. And i really love this song! Well, I dont ever bother the meaning ~ it's all about boy =..= ~ the song is catchy, simple and cute. But the singer isnt cute as the song haha :D They were Sistar 19 ; 4 members. But only 2 of them duo diz song. Im not really into them so i dun memorize their name at all ;)

Oops i gotta sleep now. Surely wake up at 4pm and my schedule is in 6pm. Kbye!

The stage of life

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Girls love make-up. And so do I ~ How I wish to get branded and complete make-up bought by myself. Aiiyo permanent job 1st XD