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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beauty of the week ; Sasaki Nozomi

I truly love entertainment show bizz and attracted with the beautiful girl artists. They do mesmerize me!  From now on, I will make entries and post some pictures of ‘em for every week.  My fav list only ;)

Beauty of the week ; Sasaki Nozomi

She’s a model, magazine girl, gravure idol, singer and actress. I've started to love her since da 1st time I saw her pictures. She’s gorgeous, cute n adorable. And then Ive download her movie entitled “Tenshi No Koi’ and search her vids all over You Tube that makes me more attracted to her. There she is....

Selca pictures of her

Her picture without make-up *it's so hard to find Japanese artists' nudey pix bcz it's illegal in their country.

still cute
And lastly, her pic b4 shes being an artist. I believe she has nothing to do with plastic surgery as assumed by the others. Look at it. Still pretty though! I think it's because of time and make-up transformation dat change her to become more prettier. Gorgieee nozomi!

Pretty wat
* “TC Candler” has announced the result of their annual critics list of “MOST 100 BEAUTIFUL FACES 2010“, and Japanese model, Sasaki Nozomi is ranked in 33rd place. The No.1 most beautiful face was Camila Belle, and No.2 as Emma Watson."

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